2009 Historical Titanic Dinner Cruise
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Great Lakes Titanic Connection

Author: V.C. King

V.C. King is an international
author of Titanic: Relative Fate. She has been endorsed by the Belfast Titanic Historical  Society, (you can't get better than that), Amazon.com, The Titanic International Society, 
Canadian Titanic Society,
Editor's & Publisher's
novel endorsed by the U.S. Bookseller, Barnes & Noble. She was the second highest selling author at
the Branson Missouri
Titanic Museum, the largest
Titanic in the world.

VC & her husband live just
outside of London Ontario
 with their dog. Currently they
are busy traveling doing
book signings from Canada
to Branson Missouri to Orlando
Florida & beyond.
Author: David G. Brown

Capt. David G.Brown is author of
"The Last Log Of The Titanic"
 and have made three TV
documentaries about the ship. 
The last two were "Titanic: Missing Pieces"and "Titanic" Achilles Heel"
 on the History Channel.  He has also arranged and conducted a series of Titanic forensic conferences around
the country in places like Topeka, Toledo and Castine, Maine
(Maine Maritime Academy). 
He regularly makes presentations
 about the ship and the sinking to groups around the midwest.  He has been featured on the FOX TV morning show, George Noory's Coast2Coast radio show and
done radio interviews
 in about 30 other markets.

Kathleen Marcaccio is
known to her fellow Windies as
The Gone With
The Wind Answer Lady.

As far as her Titanic movie collection, it was an extension of her GWTW interest in terms of movie history, she spent about 3-4 years amassing autographed movie stills, magazines and newspapers, books, promotional items, advertisements, production photos, correspondence with movie extras, domestic and international collectibles, videos, CDs of Titanic music, and photos of movie theater marquees and displays, video store displays, billboards, etc. 

In 2008, Marcaccio cohosted a GWTW Weekend at Meadow Brook Theatre, featuring cast member Mickey Kuhn, as well as worked with MBT and 3 other theatres on their productions of Moonlight and Magnolias,providing GWTW background information and lending copies of vintage items for use as stage props. In addition, she has organized group GWTW tours in Atlanta and Hollywood, displayed her collection in libraries, including the Detroit Public Library's Detroiters Collect! Exhibition, and at Gone With The Wind events, and has been featured in Detroit-area newspapers.
Kathleen   Marcaccio
Bernie Waelens

Mr. Waelens is the nephew
of the 140th person recovered from the icy waters of the Atlantic that fateful night. Bernie has
visited the Nova Scotia
cemetary where his father's
twin brother is buried.

I am sad to report that Bernie passed away April 9, 2014. RIP our friend~