2018  Historic Michigan Titanic Memorial Dedication

        Lectures and Speakers
Historian/World Traveler
​ David Kaplan
What Happened To the Survivors Lecture
Sat @ 3pm
Mariner Theater​​

​​David is not only a world traveler but also a Titanic historian that does annual Titanic Dinner lectures at the Stafford Perry Hotel in Petoskey MI and the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. He has personally met and spoke with many of the Titanic survivors and does excellent, informative and entertaining lectures on many different subjects regarding Titanic.​​​

     Fashion Historian 
        Lynn Anderson​
Ralph White Lecture
Sat @ 11am
​ Mariner Theater​


    Lynn​ is not only a fashion historian
(Fashion and the Automobile) ​but also an actress who plays many roles, very well I might add and she owns a Herbie Love Bug replica.​
  Lynn will be doing Ralph White's Titanic lecture. Lynn became friends with Ralph before his passing in Feb of '08.
For those who are not aware of who Ralph was, here is a little sample:​

Ralph was one of the few people experienced in the methodology and technology required to safely reach the deep ocean depths in order to acquire images. In 1985, he documented the expedition that found the Wreck of the RMS Titanic, and in 1987 and 2000, he co-directed the salvage operation and photography during the recovery of over 5,000 artifacts from Titanic's debris field. He was the submersible cameraman for the 1991 IMAX feature film Titanica, and in 1995-96, he was the expedition leader and second unit cameraman for James Cameron's Academy Award winning feature film Titanic.