Dinner Cruise~2009
​Detroit Princess Riverboat​
Great Lakes Titanic Connection

    The cruise was fantastic!!! Everyone had a grand
time aboard the Detroit Princess. Many people
chose to ride the Charter Bus that we had employed.
Everyone had a good time during the bus ride. They
had the Titanic movie playing the entire ride so
people could get the feeling before they boarded.
    As we boarded there were a few sprinkles of rain
but then the clouds disappeared for awhile.  As
people went aboard, they had their photos taken in
front of the Grand Staircase backdrop that we had.
Many of the Motown guests had their photos taken
in front of it as well. Kathleen Marcaccio had her
Titanic Memorabilia display ready & waiting for
guests to see. The movie was playing right next to her which did lend an air of familiarity for those who may have never seen the movie or for those who have forgotten how much of an impact it could make for the viewer.  As  guests settled in with their beverages of choice, they we entertained by Jay Mender & his band.
    After  a close call with some severe weather warnings in the lower thumb area from the Coast Guard, we set sail about 10 minutes past 7 pm. Dinner was not the Calvary call as mentioned by Molly Brown in the movie, but rather our very hospitable host Arnold informed us that dinner was ready. What a delicious Captains Prime Rib Buffet it was. As guests ate their dinner, Jay & his band went from table to table taking requests...how nice that was. Many guests, after eating, went out on the decks to enjoy what turned out to be a most beautiful evening. The weather could not have been more perfect for most of the cruise time. Picturesque! Seeing the Detroit/Windsor skyline in the evening was breathtaking.
   We also were regaled by the Irish Dance Group ~Tir Na N'Og Gaelic Dancers  from Lapeer, Michigan, Thank you Debbie Freeman, girls & familiy members! Debbie came through for us  at the eleventh hour after another dance group cancelled on us. Debbie also gave the guests a chance to learn how to do some Irish dancing. VC King gave a presentation about her book & her life with the Titanic bug. She was very proud & excited to have her family attend as well as to meet all the wonderful people.
Kathleen spoke about her years of Titanic interest & collection of the Titanic & added that she is really a Gone With The Wind lady. Capt. David G. Brown gave us compelling insight to a whole other theory of what really happened with the Titanic that fateful night. Many people want to hear more of what he has to say.   
   During the cruise, we had a tie between Roberta Draft & Irene Spooner for the best period costume. They both won an award certificate which next year we plan on doing a bit better than that for our winners. However, My hubby & I agreed that Capt. EJ Smith & his family were also some of the best. Brian (EJ Smith), wife Linda, daughter Lauren & son David were just great the whole evening, handing out boarding passes, roses & greeting guests. A big "thank you" to them all for their time and especially to Brian who was our special MC for the evening. Great job Brian! We were also blessed to have Denise & John the presidents of the Great Lakes Titanic Society join us. They are into the nuts & bolts of the Titanic...you know, checking out the engine kind of stuff. Also, Angie Fonda was on board as a vendor making her beautiful wire wrapped jewelry.
  Again, the feedback we are getting has been nothing but very positive & the guests want us to do a cruise again next year. So we will be working on that very soon. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, all of our sponsors, all our featured guests & everyone who came to this historical event & made it possible. An extra special "thank you" to my husband Dan who worked tirelessly to make this event happen. A big thank you to Detroit Princess Riverboat & all the employees that were so very helpful & accommodating. A great crew for any event, give them a try.

Costume Contestants
Dan, Maggie & Capt Brian
Capt E J Smith aka Brian
Our Limo
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Kathleen, Denise & John
VC King, Kathleen, Denise & John
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Capt Dave
Chris Kadey, Eric Wright & Georgia Phelan
VC King, Jeannie & John Gabor
Bill Bokram & VC King
Kim & Jim Turner cutting the rug
Speaker: Kathleen Marcaccio
Author VC King
Kathleen's Titanic Collection
Irish Dancers
Maggie & Kathleen
guest Kathy DeLaFuente
Ambassador Bridge
Capt Brian, VC King & Capt Dave
Irish Dancers
 happy guests
Irish Dancers
Capt Dae & guests
Dan & Heather
just married guests
Roberta & guest
Capt Dave & guests
Dan, Heather & briney Waelens
Dan, Maggie & Capt Brian
Kathleen, John & Denise
Maggie & VC King
Kim & Jim Turner
Sue & Keith Jenkins & Bill Bokram
VC King & guest
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Maggie & Roberta
Denise, John & Capt Dave
Wayne & his mom
Capt Brian & son David & daughter
First Mate Dan & VC King
Host Maggie
Capt Brown & VC King
Capt David G Brown
Brian & sister VC King
VC King, Brian & their mom
Brian & his family
Richard & mother in law
Captain & guests
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VC King
Richard with niece & nephew David
Brian with son David