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We are looking for donors to help fund this historic event. We are in the process of getting a separate account for the funds & making a board as we want to be transparent to all who are supportive of this endeavor. If you  or someone you know would be interested in being a donor please contact me. As soon as the unveiling has passed we will be posting a photo of the bronze memorial & how we hope it will looked when it is landscaped & ready for the dedication.


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   We are so excited to announce that we are in the process of having a Michigan Titanic Memorial made in memory of the 72 passengers who were aboard the Titanic when the ship met it's fate. We researched to see if Michigan had a proper memorial & have found nothing. We see other memorials, monuments to Titanic's memory & to those who perished & we thought Michigan should have one as well. Ours will be made out of bronze. Please check out our Current Events page.
      You can contact me at 586-306-5765    or micoff@sbcglobal.net      
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